This is my alternate history still WIP. It's named because of my username which is what FFP stands for.

Greater Germanian Empire

Greater Germanian Empire

Span: All of Europe (except UK) and most of Asia and Africa


When: January 30, 1933 - July 27, 1997

The Führers of the Reich

Adolf Hitler (1889-1983) (served 1933-1979)

Reinhard Liebe (1918-2004) (served 1979-1992)

Eugene Rall (1933-present) (served 1992-1997)


The Third Reich (known as the Greater Germanian Empire or GGE) was declared on January 30, 1933 when Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party took control of Germany. Hitler's Reich persecuted Jews and other minorities from 1934-1957. No one knew about the concentration camps until the Leak of 1996 which caused the eventual downfall of the empire. At the empire's greatest height in 1955 it covered all of Europe, half of Africa and most of Asia. The German-American Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1997. No major fighting occured at all as both powers had nuclear weapons and use of said weapons would be devastating on both sides.

World War II 1939-1944

World War II was the war that started when Germany invaded Poland and France. By 1941 Germany had covered almost all of Europe except Portugal, the USSR, Finland, Greece and the UK.

Failed Invasion of 1944

The failed D-Day landings of 1944 was when combined British, French, and American troops attempted to land on the beaches in Normandy, France (then known as the Reichskommissariat Frankreich). The Germans had a secret weapon - the Me 328. The troops were driven back, Britain declared peace, and the US withdrew. The Germans were victorious on June 8th 1944.

Reich 1944-1997

The Soviets surrendered in 1945 and Germania expanded to Asia. They took some more of Africa (named Afrika-land) and were eventually huge, with over 5 million troops by 1955. They stopped the use of death camps in 1957 and just deported the 'inferior' races to the rest of Africa, Oceania, or the Americas. Hitler stepped down on the eve of his 90th birthday on April 20, 1979. Reinhard Liebe took control after being second-in-command since 1955 when Goebbels was killed in a train crash. By the mid-1980s China, India, Libya, Albania, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and Russia were independent from the empire and it was slowly declining. From 1989-1992 the rest of the African countries became independent. Liebe stepped down and made Eugene Rall the third and last Führer of the Reich. In 1995 the empire only consisted of what is now Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

The Leak of 1996

In 1996 the Internet is spreading around the world fast. On December 20th, an unknown guy claiming to be the son of a former SS officer leaks ten pictures of torture from the concentration camps from 40 years prior. It spreads around the world and causes a media frenzy. Germania falls into turmoil from the backlash caused. It would only be eight months before the once great superpower collapsed and split into seven countries.

The United States of America


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