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Udo Voigt, Führer of the GGR since 2007

Führer is the title assumed by the leader of the Greater German Reich. The position was created by Adolf Hitler upon his ascension to the Chancellorship of Germany in 1933.

List of Führers

No. Name Took office Left office Party
1.Adolf Hitler2 August 193427 May 1958Nazi Party
2.Albert Speer27 May 19581 September 1981Nazi Party
3.Kurt Waldheim1 September 198114 June 2007Nazi Party
4.Udo Voigt14 June 2007(Current)Nazi Party

Kurt Waldheim, Führer from 1981-2007


Albert Speer, Führer from 1958-1981


Adolf Hitler, Führer from 1934-1958

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