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Republic of Ezo
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936
Preceded by 1935-1990 Succeeded by
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Empire of Japan Flag of Tohoku Aomori Tōhoku Republic
Flag of the Republic of Ezo
Flag of Ezo
Location of the Republic of Ezo (Yellowstone 1935)
Capital: Hakodate
  other languages: Russian
Religion: Shintō, Buddhism
Type of government: Republic
Currency: Ezo Yen

The Second Republic of Ezo is a nation in East Asia.


The Republic of Ezo first formed in 1869 by former Tokugawa retainers. It had soon quickly dissolved within a few months of establishment.

The Second Republic of Ezo was established after the Japanese Civil War.

In 1990, the Second Republic of Ezo merged into Tōhoku after a referendum.

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