Eyes Over the World is a timeline in which a peaceful extra-terrestrial civilization contacted Earth in the year 1896. The aliens offered humanity guidance, until they can nurse-maid them into becoming a peaceful advanced society and full-fledged members of the Galactic Unity, a United Nations-type intergalactic organization.

Many Earth governments resisted, however they soon realized, they can't compete with the technologically hyper-advanced aliens. The World Council was then formed, consisting of the 100 greatest minds of Earth (selected by the aliens), whose job is to mediate between the extra-terrestrials and the human governments.

I know, there are other timelines dealing with alien contact in the past, but 1. they are mostly very small, undeveloped ones, 2. they are very different in concept to this one, so this is not a derivative of another timeline by any means.



September 13: Objects of possible extra-terrestrial origin appear over several nations of Earth. Governments are worried, people flee in panic.

September 15: Two days after appearing on the sky, the aliens controlling these vessels initiate first contact with humanity.

September 16: United States president Grover Cleveland meets with 0.12G, representative of the extra-terrestrials. Other world leaders visited include Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary, Tzar Nicholas of Russia, Emperor Wilhelm of Germany, and Queen Victoria of Britain.


January 27: Russia and Austria-Hungary attempt a redemption against the Visitors, however they are quickly surrendered.

February 6: Tzar Nicholas II resigns. Monarchy ends in Russia, which leads to the formation of the Republic.

August 10: The World Council is formed.


September 13: Adolf Hitler and the Clean Earth Faction detonate a bomb at World Council Headquarters, killing three councillors and six of the service staff.

November: Hitler is caught and sentenced to twenty years of prison. He commits suicide before he is charged.

People and organizations

World Council

Current members:

Stephen Hawking

Richard Dawkins

Jean-Pierre Changeux

Umberto Eco

Past members:

Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla

William James

Charles Sanders Peirce

Bertrand Russell

Henri Bergson

Marie Curie

Claude Lévi-Strauss

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