Eyalet of Napoli
Timeline: Caesar of Rome
Preceded by 1486 - 1514 Succeeded by
Flag of the Kingdom of Naples Flag of Cross of Burgundy
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517)

Devlet-i Ebed-müddet (Turkish)
("The Eternal State")

Capital: Rome
Language: Latin, Italian, Ottoman Turkish
Roman Catholicism
  other religions: Islam
Currency: Akçe

The Eyalet of Napoli, usually named the Province of Naples in English, was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire. The eyalet was established by Sultan Mehmed II during the Ottoman-Italian Wars. After the Fall of Rome by the Ottoman armies, the eyalet governed a large majority of the former Kingdom of Naples, as well as much of the former Papal States.

The official Papacy in Rome, having fled to Avignon, was replaced by a Patriarch, who was considered the spiritual leader of Catholics inside the eyalet and the Ottoman Empire, and de facto all of Catholic Europe, however this claim was not recognized by many Europeans. The Eyalet was ruled by a Pasha, however the Sultan gave a significant amount of governing power to the Patriarch as well.



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