Hello, these are the extra rules for Colonial World that were added after the initial start of the game.

1706 Extra Rules

1. Algorithm Update

  • Since this game is called Colonial World, it is important for countries to make colonies. States should also add their number of colonies on the scores page. This is extremely important.
  • So, in the future, your Colonial Score times 3 will be added to your total score.

2. Algo Update 2

  • In the future, if we are doing an algo, please bear in mind that only the state with the highest score will be accounted in the algo.
  • For example, if Spain and Venice are at war against Morocco, it will be Spain's score OR Venice's Score (depends on which one is higher) against Morocco's score, not Spain AND Venice's score against Morocco's.
  • If one country has many allies, they will be accounted for in "Nations Per Side".
  • This is to be fairer and more realistic to prevent ASB situations such as the Turkish-Christian War from happening.

3. ASB Events Fixing Round

  • No one shall post for 1707 as it will be an ASB fixing round. It will happen every 10 years. In that year, the mods will fix everything that is seriously ASB.
  • For 1707, there will be 3 things to fix:
  • 1) The Turkish Christian War
  • 2) Austria's Expansion
  • 3) Issue of the German States
  • This year's ASB Fixing Crew is Ninjavswarriors and Rcchang. If anyone of us doesn't want to take part in the ASB fixing round, the backup will be Sine and Reximus.

Enjoy the Game! Rcchang (talk) 09:08, October 25, 2013 (UTC)

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