An extinction event refers to a rapid, worldwide decrease in life on Earth, further causing drastic effect on what little life remains. The most recent extinction event was the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, taking place about 65 million years ago. What if this were to happen again, 65 million years later? Pretend the meteor hits in the same exact place, and the same exact things happen. What would be the future of the human race?


About 65 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period, astronomer G. N. Neujmin discovers the 10 by 6 mile (17 by 10 km) asteroid in 1916, in which he names Gaspra. Later, the spacecraft Galileo passes by the asteroid, recording data and sending it back to Earth. At Earth, scientists come to discover that the asteroid will make a close fly by Earth in 2005, visible in space from Earth. As time passes, scientists find an exact date, and as the time comes, scientists are too late to realize that the giant rock will come to close to Earth. It is too late.

Simple Timeline

  • ~65,000,000 BCE: An asteroid, nearly the size of Mt. Everest, hits off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out all of the dinosaurs.
  • 1916 CE: Gaspra found by G. N. Neujmin on July 30.
  • 1991 CE: The Jupiter orbiter Galileo passes Gaspra October 29, recording data and taking pictures, sending them to Earth.
  • 1992 CE: Earth receives the data. Later, scientists calculate that the asteroid will fly by Earth some time in 2005.
  • 1998 CE: Scientists alert the public of the flyby of the asteroid.
  • 2005 CE: As the asteroid nears Earth, scientists realize that instead of narrowly missing Earth, it will instead enter Earth's atmosphere, and hit Earth. In fear of riots, they decide not to alert the public. The meteor hits somewhere off the Yucatan Peninsula. Mega-tsunamis destroy most coastal cities and the Gulf of Mexico and other coasts are left unrecognizable.

Complex Timeline

See: Timeline (Extinction Event)


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