The External Possessions page for Principia Moderni (Map Game)


Possession Date Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
Bengal 1420 main country Bengal region, Surin Islands
Ahom 1634 non-allied proximal country roughly OTL Assam
Naundesa 1548 non-allied country Arctic Europe 4234 px
Free City of the White Elephant 1724 allied country Kyaukpyu
Turns: 2
Colonial turns: 0
Full Unity? Yes


Possession Status Date OTL location Size (colonies only)
China Main Country 1420 China
Kamchatka Colony 1432 Southern Kamchatka 0px
Xin Chou Colony 1465 Southern California 49px
Xǐhuan bǐnggān Colony 1460 Southern Baja 4300 sq km
Zhènghé gǎngkǒu Colony 1627 Northern Baja/Northwestern Mexico 2500 sq km
Mughal Empire Vassal 1632 Northern India
Dōng guǎngchǎng Colony 1690 Former Aztec and Mayan Lands
Manchuria Vassal 1690 Manchuria
Turns: 1
Colonial turns: 0.25
Full Unity? Yes


Possession Status Date OTL location Size (colonies only)
Joseon 1420 Main Nation Korean Peninsula
Kamchatka ? Colony Edge of Kamchatkan Peninsula 76 px
Taiwan ? Vassal State Island of Taiwan
Philippines 1470 Colony Philippines 150 px
Hawaii 1465 Colony Maui 150 px
Turns: 1
Colonial turns: 0.75
Full Unity? No





OTL location

Size (colonies only)


Main Nation


Most of East Indochina

New Lithuania

Client State


Philippines and Borneo


Client State


parts of Somalia and Kenya


Client State

1844 Taiwan


Client State

1860 Northern Burma


Client State

1889 Scotland and most of England

Đông Phi


c. 1460

Tanzania, Mozambique


Nam Mỹ



French Guiana


New Vietnam



New England




Colonial turns:


Full Unity?



Possession Status Date OTL location Size (colonies only) Disestablished
Hungary main country 1000 Hungary, Slovakia, Transylvania and parts of Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Austria, southern Poland and southwestern Ukraine.
Újfundlandi ás e Labrador colony 1490 (as Újfundlandi, merged with Labrador [founded in 1500]in 1638) great part of the Newfoundland Island and coast of the Labrador peninsula. 4476px 1759
Magyar Dél-Amerikában colony 1539 (as Öböl, merged with Uruguay [founded in 1589] in 1736) parts of the Brazilian states of Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, and Paraná, margins of the Río De La Plata, in OTL Argentina and Uruguay, littoral of Uruguay. 2459px
Ezsák-Afrika colony 1558 Cape Verde, most of Canary Islands and parts of Western Sahara and Morocco. 655px
India colony 1640 Southwestern India and Goa 1388px 1790
Dél-Afrika colony 1660 southeastern South Africa 210px
Greece Personal/dynastic union 1678 great part of OTL Greece, Turkish coast from Gazipaşa to the Turkish province of Artvin, extending to the surroundings of the Georgian city of Batumi, and area surrounding Tripoli, Libya.
Neos Preveza colony (administered by Greece) 1690 parts of the American states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Michigan and Rhode Island, parts of Southern Canada. 948px
Egypt Personal/dynastic union 1720 parts of Egypt and Sudan
Kandy Puppet state 1469 (allied since 1741) parts of Sri Lanka
Verona Allied proximal state 1747 Parts of Northern Italy, centered around the City of Verona.
Magyar-Közép-Afrika colony 1749 City of Namibe, Angola 1px
Rangyóra colony 1790 Rangiora, South Island 1px
Turns: 1.0
Colonial turns: 0.5
Full Unity? No

Tsardom of Russia

Possession Status Established OTL location Sizec(colony only) Abolished
Tsardom of all Russias Main Country

862(Rurik Dynasty in Novgorod)

1493(Union of Novgorod and Moscow)

1547(Tsardom Proclaimed)

1610(Romanov Dynasty)

1689(Peter I truly comes to power, Sophia overthrown)

1708 (Russian Empire Proclaimed)

Most of European Russia
Lithuania Personal/Dynastic Union West of Russia...Lithuania, part of OTL Belarus and Ukraine
Kazakhstan Vassal state east of the Caspian sea, south of west china
Iroquois Confederation Vassal state 1730s On the Shores of the Southern OTL St Lawrence river, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie(
South Armenia(Armenia) Puppet State 1687 south of Caucassus, East of Persia
Novorossiya Colony 1501 manhattan island(for now, starting point)and tip of long island


Afrikanskaya Zemlya Colony 1502 Cape Town,South Africa, expanding outward 107 px
Ivanskaya Zemlya Colony 1519 southern Vijiyanagar(India), Sri lanka 99px
Canada Colony 1598 OTL saint lawrence valley, Prince eduard island, montreal, Quebec city 4500 km 1794
Novaya Kamchatka Colony 1638 North Island New Zealand
Turns 1.5
Colonial Turns 1.75
Full unity? no

updated 1540(except Canada)


Possession Status Date OTL location Size (colonies only)
France Main Nation 1420 France
Cote d' Ivoire Colony 1541 Eastern Africa 70px
Haiti Colony 1542 Haiti Island


French Algeria Colony 1667 Northern Africa 356px
Burgundian Algeria Vassal's Colony 1675 Northern Africa 356px
Burgundy Vassal state (personal union) 1675 Europe
Flanders Vassal's province 1675 Europe
Turns: 1
Colonial turns: 0.50
Full Unity? No


Possession Date Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
Sweden 1747 Main Nation Scandinavian & Kola Peninsulas, Svalbard, Denmark, parts of Northern & Western Germany, the low Countries, Northern France, Greenland, Canadian Arctic Islands, Franz Josef Land
Estonia 1683 Vassal Estonia, Latvia, a sliver of Russia on its east side & northern Lithuania
Fjordlaand 1727 Puppet State Northern & Eastern Argentina, Southern & Western Bolivia, Northern Chile, Southern Peru, Western Brazil
Arabia 1735 Puppet State Arabian Peninsula
Finland 1794 Diplomatic Union Finland, parts of Northwest Russia
Hanover 1809 Vassal Northwest Germany
Thorlaand 1613 Colony Southern Hudson Bay 2427 px
Asgard 1619 Colony Southern Alaska centered around Ancourage, Hawaiian Islands 1485 px
Hodlaand 1661 Colony Southernmost tip of Baffin Island 267 px
New Sweden 1690 Colony Washington State coast, Vancover Island, Seattle 2196 px
Swedish Afrika 1696 Colony Coastal Libya and Egypt 5310 px
Wunderlaand 1784 Colony Most of the South Pacific centred from Fiji ???
Wilhelm's Land 1815 Colony Tasmania ???
Turns: 2
Colonial turns: 9
Full Unity? No


Possession Date Established Staus OTL location
Italy 1282 (Sicily) Main Country Southern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica
The Vatican 1672 Free Church Inner Rome

Former External Territories of Naples:

Name Date Established Date Disbanded Former Status Location
Tunisia 1695(conquered) 1768(absorbed into Naples) Colony Northern Africa
Siena 1746(vassalized) 1790 (combined with Florence) Vassal Italy
Florence 1746(vassalized) 1790(combined with Siena) Vassal Italy
Ricasolia 1643 1788(independence gained) Colony Cuba
Papal States 1670(protected) 1746(absorbed into Naples) Vassal Italy
Israel 1697(protected) 1863 (independent) Protectorate N. Israel/Lebanon/S. Syria
Istoias 1686 1861 (independent) Colony Madagascar
Vicia 1735 (stabilized) 1863 (independent as New Naples) Colony East Patagonia
Tamilia 1754 1851 (independent) Colony Southern India
Tuscany 1790 (merged) 1861 (conquered by France) Vassal Italy
Lombardy 1794 (vassalized) 1862 (conquered by France) Vassal Italy
Venice 1857 (vassalized) 1861 (switched loyalties to France) Vassal Italy
Verona 1857 (vassalized) 1861 (conquered by France) Vassal Italy
Pahang 1805 (conquered) 1916 (independent) Colony Sumutra/Malaysia


Possession Date Established Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
Itsaygahi 1458 Main Country OTL American South NA
Noovelongahi 1774 Colony OTL Liberia 50px
Cymbria 1781 Vassal OTL Wales, West Country, Borders and Merseyside NA


Possession Date Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
Spain 1710 main country Spain
Portugal 1730 vassal Portugal
New Portugal 1804 colony Tangeirs-Northern Algeria ?
Inca España 1728 colony part of Peru ?
New Spain 1729 Colony Adelaide 58 px
New Madrid 1796 Colony Namibia 31 px


Possession Date Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
New Tehran 1795 Colony Belem


Possession Date Status OTL location Size (colonies only)
Empire of Nippon 1749 main country Japan & Sakhalin & Nansei Islands & Kuril Islands N/A
Satotochi 1757 Colony North Luzon Island 46,350 sq km (927 px)
Chamoru 1776 Vassal State Micronesia 650 sq km (13 px)
Papua Nipponia 1833 Colony New Guinea, Cape York Peninsula, Bismark Archipelago and western Indonesia. 112,150 sq km (2,243 px)
Ringga 1819 Colony Lingga Islands 2,400 sq km (48 px)
Sunda 1821 Puppet State Java 95,100 sq km (1,902 px)
Korubia 1833 Colony Pananma, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Colombia 115,550 sq km (2,311 px)
Sokotara 1833 Colony Socotra archipelago and port in Arabia 4,700 sq km (94 px)
Nikoman 1833 Colony Andaman and Nicobar Islands 7,200 sq km (144 px)
Shuujin 1833 Colony Northwestern Australia 7,200 sq km (144 px)
Ngainkeha 1833 Vassal state Southeastern Australia 120,350 sq km (2,407 px)

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