By April 12 1861, Most of the States that still allowed slavery had seceded from the union, and the civil war was nearly in full swing. The final 2 states to join Dixie land was Kentucky and Maryland and on May 21 1861 the civil war has begun.


April 25 1861 - Kentucky Joins the Confederacy

May 21 1861 - Maryland joins the Confederacy

May 25 1861 - The confederacy captures DC

June 7 1861 - The confederacy captures Uniontown

June 19 1861 - The confederacy captures Chester

June 30 1861 - the confederacy captures Pittsburg

July 27 1861 - the confederacy captures Philadelphia and the union surrenders

October 1 1861 - The confederacy enforces its demands takes all the border states and Arizona and new mexico.

The war was won for the confederacy and they had already made further plans for expansion.


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