A list of extant members of the Homo genus of Mammals. All of these species are called humans, although each has its own name.


Scientific Name Common Name Origin Typical Traits Races
Homo Sapiens Cro-Magnon Ethiopia, 200,000 years ago Physically weaker, more intelligent. Caucasians, Africans, Asians
Homo Neanderthalensis Neanderthal Europe and West Asia, 350,000 years ago Physically stronger and broader; more intelligent, poorer language skills Europas, Siberi, Amerkans
Homo Rhodesiensis Ndutu Throughout Africa, 300,000 years ago Physically stronger and broader; lesser intelligence. Amaz, Rhodesi, Occidafikas
Homo Floresiensis Hobbit Flores Island, 100,000 years ago Smaller; lesser intelligence, Florezka, Oceanites

Map of Distribution at 2000 BC


Red-Ndutu Blue-Cro-Magnon Yellow-Neanderthal Orange-Hobbit

The division of the species is clearly regional. // areas are areas in which there are two competing species, and tends to occur along the borders of when two species meet. Black areas are uninhabited at 2000 BC.

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