The Executive Office of the President is the administrative agency run by the President of Ireland. It consists of all his assistants. The agency is headed by the General Secretary to the President. In 1945 the staff on this team were only 450 now they are amounted to 30,000 personnel.

History and Establishment

All staff of the President were organised under the Central Administration Agency but this agency administered many other officials and its employees had ballooned to uncontrollable rates. Eamon Valera who was President in 1945 saw this problem and got the Oirechtas General Administration Act 1945 passed by the government which completely re-organised the CAA.

It abolished the CAA and established a separate office for each of the Executive Ministersand this gave the President the Executive Office of the President. It consists of his personal assistants, media personnel, personal security, cleaners, janitors, secretaries,

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