The Whitney Computers Evergreen Bowl is an annual college football postseason game hosted in late December at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. It is regarded as a second-tier bowl game, in that it pitches (often) ranked teams that did not qualify for the Elite Series. It traditionally pitted a PCC team against an at-large squad, but after a thirty-year contract was signed in 1998 with the Central Conference, it has pitted the highest-placing PCC team that failed to qualify for the Elite Series against a team from the Central. The PCC is always the home team, and in recent years the Evergeen Bowl has shown a preference for selecting teams from the PCC Northwest Division.


Game-by-Game Results

Date Played Winning Team Losing Team
December 30, 1981 California 22 BYU 7
December 28, 2006 Stanford 55 Montana 14
December 29, 2007 Kansas 40 Pacifica State 13
December 28, 2008 Pacifica 35 Montana 9
December 30, 2009 Washington 28 Montana State 16
December 31, 2010 Oregon 52 Dakota 24
December 29, 2011 Oregon State 44 Nebraska 20
December 27, 2012 Oregon 52 Montana 31

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