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1705 – after a raid of Hungarian robbers into Turkish territory, the Ottoman Empire declares war on RTN. RTN, Saxony, Russia, Bavaria, and Venice formed anti-Turkish Holy Union.

1706 – RTN king Charles Tsveynbryukken destroyed Ottoman army in battle near Prague.

1708 – Russian army takes Yenikale – the last Ottoman fortes in Crimea. Venetian troops capture most of Peloponnesus.

1710 – Donduk Khan, Islamized Oirat and a descendant of Genghis Khan, took power in the Golden Horde. He and his dynasty focused on Turkey in their foreign policy.

1712 - Danube truce ended anti-Turkish war. Ottoman Hungary goes to RTN, Dalmatia and Peloponnesus – to Venice, Crimea and Western part of Northern Black Sea coast – to Russia. Moldavia became a vassal of Russia. Wallachia and Serbia declares there independence.

1720 – after Hungary now completely liberated from the Turks, Hungarian nobility was no longer satisfied with the status of “junior brother” in the “Equally, Free, and Noble” union of Three Nations. Diet declares independence of the Kingdom of Hungary. First Hungarian War started.

1723 – First Hungarian War ended. Hungary is now independent under Ferenc Rákóczi as king.

1732 – Khan Abulkhair of the Golden Horde and Ottoman Sultan Mahmud formed an alliance against Russia.

1734 – Great Eastern war started.

1734 – Great Eastern War started with Khan Abulkhair armies attack Russia. It was the most dangerous since medieval times Tatar foray to the Russian lands. Golden Horde’s armies took Nizhni Novgorod, Ryazan and besieged Vladimir. Siberian lands were cut off European Russia. Tana was captured by Ottoman armies, Turks invaded Crimea and Venetian lands in Greece.

1735 – Poland-Bohemia, allied with the Ottomans, invade Hungary. Russia attack Poland. France support Poland and Turkey.

1736 – Golden Horde power ended in battle on Sura river.

1738 - During the war, Russian navy squadron under the command of Mstislav Nevelskoy, sailing from Yuriev (OTL Ivangorod, TTL main Russian Baltic Sea port) to Alaska, enters Nagasaki enters Japanese port of Nagasaki. It caused Russian-Japanese conflict.

1739 – Treaty in Constantinople ended the war. Turkey loose Athens to Venetia. Golden Horde was mainly annexed by Russia, and 3 Kazakh Khanates are now buffer zone between Russia and Mughal Persia.

1742 - King Aliaksandr III of Russia demands from the Japanese shogun to open ports for trade. Segut initially refuses, but after the brief Russian-Japanese war was forced to repair. Since then, Japan was called to the West.

1757 – Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg married Queen Hedwig Catharina of Sweden.

1765 – after the death of the childless king Pyotr, Alexandr Stroganov elected new King of Novgorod – first king from Novgorodian noble family. It cause conflict between boyar clans.

1773 – Civil war started in Novgorod between King Alexandr and rebel boyars. Boyar Ospoda (High Noble Council of Novgorod) elect Prince Aliaksandr of Russia Novgorodian King.

1777 – Russian forces overthrow King Alexandr. Aliaksandr Golitsyn is crowned as new king of Novgorod. Alexandr Stroganov saved his heritage lands is Ural and OTL West Siberia as “King of Permia”

1790 – with the death of childless Queen María, Habsburg dynasty in Spain come to an end. War for the Spanish Succession between Bavarian and Sardinian pretenders.

1793 – Novgorod is annexed into Russia

1794 – Novgorodian colonies in Far East and Alaska rebels against Russian rule and create independent republic The Great Tartaria.

1798– English fleet captures Venezuela.

1799 – Peru declares independence from Spain under Quechua leader Tupac Amaru, who declared himself “Supreme Leader” of Peru, and later, crowned as Emperor of Peru.

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