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1600-1603 – The Great Famine in Russia. In their distress the people blames "illegal" Dynasty of Radzivil.

1605 – Second Chadkievič rebellion. Ivan Chadkievič took Vilna and crowned Sofia Olelcovna as Russian Queen. King Ivan Radzivil flee to RTN. The Russian Civil War begins.

1606 – February - Ivan Radzivil returned with Polish and Hungarian troops. He beats Vilno and throne back, but outrages of his army make him a name of “Second Jagiello” – now too many hate him.

So, 16 September he was dethroned and killed. Kastancin Ostrozhsky was elected new King, but he rules only part of Russia – Protestant Northern Russian cities (Novgorod, Pskov, Yaroslavl, Tver) rebelled against him and proclaimed Hans (Ivan) Oldenburg a king. Chadkievič clan still controlled Samogitia, in the South-East peasant-Cossack uprising of the impostor “Prince Pyotr Olelcovich” and his “Polny Getman (Field Marshal) Ivan Bolotnikov” blazing with the support of Dzhambulak Tatar Horde and Ottoman Empire, and Western border lands (Brest, Grodno) was under control of the Poles and ”king Ivan Radzivil”

1607 – Aliaksandr Ostrozhsky (son of the king Kastancin) destroyed the Bolotnikov’s army near Trubchevsk. Remnants of the rebels flee to the Golden Horde.

1607 – English Colony of Virginia is founded.

1608 – French Colonies of Acadia (OTL New Scotland) and New France (OTL Canada) are founded

1608 - March - Aliaksandr Ostrozhsky beat the Poles attack on Vilna. July – he died (m.b. poisoned). December – death of the king Kastancin.

1609, January – Andrej Andrejevich Golitsyn was elected the new king (as Andrej I).

1610 – King Andrej sigh peace treaty with Ivan Oldenburg, recognize him as King of Novgorod. Russian Civil War ends.

1613 – death of the king Francis III of France, without heir. Civil war started, between Hugenit Conde clan and Catholic Guise dynasty.

1617 – death of the Habsburg king Matthias of the Netherlands, whom was tolerate to the protestant Holland. He had no heir, so Ferdinand of Tirol – fanatic Catholic – became a new king.

1620 – rebellion in the Netherlands against king Ferdinand. Evangelical Union German princes and English king James I support the insurgents, as Spain and Bavaria – Ferdinand. The Netherlands war started.

1621 – Friedrich of Palatinate crowned as king of the United Netherlands (as Frederick I). Habsburg (both Netherlands and Spanish) troops invaded Palatinate.

1624 – Denmark entered the Holy war to help Netherlands.

1624 – death of king Henri III of France. His son, king Charles X (with the advice of his First Minister, Cardinal Richelieu) start talks about peace treaty with Huguenots.

1632 – Mughal Shah Jahan of Bukhara takes Isfahan and crowned as Emperor of Persia. Start of Mughal rule in Persia.

1637 – colony of New Denmark is founded in OTL Maryland.

1640 – Poland and Saxony entered the war at Union side.

1641 – colony of New Netherlands is founded in OTL New York.

1645 - Ottoman armies attacked Venetian colony on Crete. War started. Turkish aggression helps the early conclusion of the war in Europe.

1648 – Treaty of Weimar ended the Holy war in Germany. House of Lorraine was recognized as Royal House of France, as House of Palatinate in Bavaria. Netherlands Habsburg Crown disappeared from the map – Flanders and Franche-Comte goes to Spain and Tirol was now Spanish vassal. Now only Spain fight against England and Navarre.

1650 – Crete falls to the Ottomans. A large army invaded the lands of the Venetian Republic.

1651 – Venice, HRE, RTN, Netherlands, England, Denmark and Saxony create the Holy Alliance against Ottomans.

1652 – Alliance (mainly German and English) army, leaded by famous hero of the Holy War, “English Meteor” Oliver Cromwell, destroyed Ottoman forces in battle for Venice. Another army, which attack Bohemia, was crushed on Sázava river by RTN-Saxonian forces, leaded by RTN king and Saxon elector Johan Georg.

1653 – Johan Georg’s army captures Vienna back to the Christians. Pro-venetian peasant rebellion started in rear of Ottomans, in Carinthia.

1654 – Venetians recaptured Crete and threatened Istanbul.

1655 – war ends with Saint Gothard treaty – Ottomans loose Austrian lands – Lower Austria to Bohemia, Upper Austria and parts of Styria to Bavaria and the reminder part of Styria, Carinthia and Carniola – to Venetia.

1660-s –Marathas under Shivaji began to conquer Deccan region of Indian subcontinent

1667 – Treaty in Modena – Spain loose Havana, Florida and Amazonia to England, Brazil and Malacca to Portugal.

1672 – English colony of Carolina is founded.

1679 – Aurangzeb, Mughal Shah of Persia, invades Ottoman Mesopotamia. War started.

1684- Death of the Karel II, last Palatinate king of the Netherlands. His sister's husband William of Orange, proclaimed new King. After it, French King Charles XI, pushed the claim to the Palatinate, and Charles II of England – to the Netherlands. Palatinate Secession War started. Soon after war broke out in Central and Eastern Europe too – Sweden and Brandenburg declares war to Willem allies Denmark and RTN, and later Rusia declares war to Sweden. Now Netherlands, Palatinate, Saxony, Denmark, Bavaria, RTN, Spain and Russia fight against France, England, Brandenburg and Sweden.

1685 – Marathas conquer the Vijayanagar Empire.

1690-1696 – Qing armies crush Oirats. Oirat hordes flee East - to the Mughal and Tatar Central Asia. Some of them converted to Islam.

1691 – after the death of both Charles (in 1685 and 1690), English and French claims were withdrawn. Treaty in Nuremberg ends the Palatinate war. Netherlands loose all it Caribbean and part of Indian possessions to England and France. Spain loose Bahamas to England and Dunkirk and Franche-Comte to France. East Prussia and Livonia recognized as independent states under Brandenburg and Sweden protection.

1696 – English colony of Pensacola is founded (OTL Alabama).

1699 – English colony of New Edinburg is founded (OTL New Orleans)

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