The Evangelical Revolution (or Buchannan-Fallwell Era) is the name given to a political shift in the Southern States that lasted from 1985 until 2009. 


in 1984, Jerry Falwell announced he was running for President. President Baker had driven the country into debt and was responsible for the fleeing of jobs to North America as well as the failure of progress in the country.

Falwell had secured the Republican nomination against Ernest Hollings, who had won the Freedom Party ticket. Falwell said the south had lost its connection to God and that to combat this, they needed to turn to the Church for the answer to the countries economic and social woes.

Falwell had won all but South Carolina and began the process of molding his administration.

Loss of Virginia, Church Laws

Loss of Virginia

In 1985, Virginia had demanded it be returned to the United States. Falwell had signed the Treaty of Charleston, allowing for the U.S. to regain control of the area, with the Hampton Roads area placed under occupation

This affected the Confederate Navy and their ability to expand their arsenal. Despite not having Norfolk, they had a docking station nearby for small vessels, which served as a refueling station for their ships.

Church Laws

Falwell began passing what are known as the Church Laws. These Laws, Banned Gay Marriage, Abortion, Mandated Prayer, Forced Businesses to close on Sunday, and Declared Christianity the official religion of the country. Churches also became exempt from paying any taxes, and priests, were also given exemptions

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