Federal Republic of Evalonia
Dynasin Kölun Evaloniëe
Timeline: Damalias Untold
Flag of Evalonia
Flag of Evalonia

Ét Dynasin Kölun Elfas (Baratonese)
("The Federal Republic Stands")

(and largest city)
  others Fahrish
  others Christian


Ethnic Groups
  others Fahrgravean, Tavrian
Demonym Evaloniëer (Baratonese)

Evalonian (English)

Government Federal Republic
  legislature Republic
President Calvin Muran
Vice President Elman ten Kärfol
Area 211 km² Metric
Established 1878
Independence from Fahrgrave
  declared 1878
  recognized 1879
Currency Ef
Time Zone GMT -2
Calling Code +304
Internet TLD .eva

Evalonia, officially the Federal Republic of Evalonia, is a nation located in Damalias. It borders Fahrgrave to the north, and Tavra to the north east. Falkand is Evalonia's capital and largest city, and it was connected to the water. Evalonia is a member of the United Nations.

Evalonia did not participate in the Baraton civil war, they did however engage in a civil war against Fahrgrave for independence. They were victorious and claimed independence in 1878, and were recognized by most nations less than a year later.


Unlike most of the Baraton cultured nations in Damalias, Evalonia was never a part of Baraton, and instead was part of Fahrgrave, one of Baraton's districts. However, Evalonia used the perils of the Baraton civil war to try and break free from Fahrgrave, effectively igniting the Fahrgravean civil war.

Evalonia's independence was the result of the civil war, as the same year as Fahrgrave, Avgrov, Tavra and several others broke free, Evalonia broke off from Fahrgrave, effectively winning the civil war.

Evalonia tried to remain in the background following these events, ignoring the very existance of both the First World War and the Second World War, although supplying Fahrgrave during the latter, as World War II had reached Damalias.

Evalonia later was in more positive contact with Fahrgrave and Tavra, opening trade with both nations and establishing an alliance with Fahrgrave.

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