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400px-Isle of Wight Map

As the provisional British government shrank in the face of radiation moving on the air, the government was evacuated to the Isle of Wight. The northern coast of the Isle was abandoned due to radioactive fallout blowing over from Southampton and Poole, but the south was relatively unradiated. Over time people with certain abilities and fitness required to survive were allowed onto the Isle of Wight. When the time came these people were evacuated to New Britain. The qualities required to be eligible for evacuation were a minimum IQ and physical fitness. However, people who had certain abilities or knowledge were also allowed onto the Isle of Wight. There were however many more people who were not eligible for this and they attempted to raid the coast of the Isle of Wight, though they were generally unsuccessful. However, many of these pirates and raiders were so skilled they were recruited secretly by the military. When New Britain was founded, the initial evacuee population in total was a few thousand and over the years thanks to runners who agreed to spread the word of New Britain wherever they could in the homeland, the population has steadily increased over time.

Of course, many other Britons had found their way to Australia where the British Survivors Administration was set up. Since then the BSA has worked hard to encourage Britons to settle in New Britain.

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