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History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)

Nations to speak of

The 33 provinces of Roman Europe could be very broadly divided into 8 lose geographical/cultural areas. They were in no way representative of a larger administrative grouping system, and some provinces could fit in more than one group.


  • Achaea
  • Creta
  • Epirus
  • Macadonia
  • Thracia

After the Battle of Actium the Ægean area under the Ptolemies was a mishmash of policy, though the Greek polities were reorganised by Cleopatra into an efficient system. The conflict was whether Greece could be built up enough to be a good bastion, or that it was really indefencible and so should remain undeveloped to function as a buffer. Cultural investment in the peninsula was good at least.

Augustus’ rule saw a true revitilisation of Greece, but the damages of the long ago Greek uprising and Roman Civil Wars would take until well into Carico’s reign to erase.

Italia Magna

  • Alpes
  • Corsica
  • Dalmatia
  • Italia
  • Sardinia
  • Sicilia


  • Aquitania
  • Belgica
  • Gallia Lugdunensis
  • Gallia Narbonensis


  • Beatica
  • Hispania Terraconensis
  • Lusitania

Insulæ Boreæ

  • Britannia
  • Hibernia
  • Thule Minor

Germania Magna


Nations to speak of

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)

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