Europe in 1534

Map of Europe in 1534 during the war.

Europe 1534 Part 2

France after gaining allies win France back.


Britain after gaining allies and overthrowing Spain

Europe 1534 part 4

After taking London.

Start of the War

France, Great Britain and Spain were trying to explore the New World during this time. France take over the northern part of Europe while Spain and Britain were looking at the New World. Once Spain and Britain heard of this, they declared war on France and took over some of France. Both Britain and Spain were gaining allies by the hour all trying to take over France.

France Gaining Help

After two months of non-stop fighting, France needed an ally quick. Some of Germany, Russia and other countries joined France. From there, the French used there navy to take back France. Spain and Great Britain took great amounts of casualties leading to retreating.

Britain Gaining the Rest of Europe

Realizing near defeat, Britain bought the other coutries as allies. From there Britain took control of some of French controlled area. Out of pure greed, Britain also overthrew Spain.

Taking over London

France launched a sneak attack on London when the British were looking around Europe. They were successful due to the British army not present. The British, out of fear, retreated fearing that the French would murder the king if they didn't.

End of the War

The British surrendered to France in 1536. Spain gained their land back along with Iceland from the British. France took control of Western Europe becoming the strongest Empire in Europe. France forced the U.K to stay in their land.

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