Flag of Europe

The flag of the European Union

The European Union was a politico-economic union of  member states that were primarily located in Europe. The EU operated through a system of supranational independent institutions and intergovernmental negotiated decisions by the member states.  The European Union collapsed in 2009 and led way to the United European Federation between The British Empire, the Germany, Austria-Hungary, Poland, and The New Roman Empire.

Post-World War 2

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The Cold War

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Post-Cold War

Rising Nationalism

After the Third Balkan War ended in 2001 Nationalism reached a peek causing damahe tot he EU. The 2004 enlragment saw the entrance of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, and Hungary into the European Union. Hungary's entry was of much controversy following the end of the Third Balkan War three years prior. The 2007 enlargment saw the entrance of Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania into the European Union. Greater Serbia and Macedonia did not aspire to join the Euro club. The Schengen Area began to become a problem for member states as immigration surged to unbelievable levels. In 2008 Hungary and the United Kingdom left the European Union leaving behind plenty of eurpsceptics to cause the EU to be divided three ways. In 2009 the Euro collapsed and the EU fell apart. The resulting war was called the Euro War. After the war Europe was divided between 5 super nations that the war had created; The British Empire, The Germany, Austria-Hungary, Poland, and the New Roman Empire. These 5 super nations entered a close trading union and ascended into world power positions. 

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