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European Union (1941: Success)

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Европейски съюз
Den Europæiske Union

European Union
Timeline: 1941: Success
Flag of Europe
Flag of EU
EU Location (1941 Success)
Location of European Union
(and largest city)
Brussels, Stockholm, and Budapest
Language Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Slovakian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Belarusian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Irish, German, British English, Dutch, other native languages
President of the Council Inna Bohoslovska
President of the Commission Karin Enström

The European Union is an organisation.


The European Union was founded by the United Kingdom, Italy, Benelux, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in 1951. Since then, it slowly grew to include more nations. After the fall of the Soviet Union, more nations joined.

Eventually the Euro was created in 1994, and today all nations, except for the United Kingdom and Greece use the Euro.


  • United Kingdom (1951, founder)
  • Italy (1951, founder)
  • Benelux (1951, founder)
  • Norway (1951, founder)
  • Sweden (1951, founder)
  • Denmark (1951, founder)
  • Finland (1951, founder)
  • Austria (1958)
  • Germany (1958)
  • Portugal (1960)
  • Spain (1967)
  • Greece (1975)
  • Ukraine (1992)
  • Yugoslavia (1992)
  • Albania (1992)
  • Poland (1992)
  • Czechoslovakia (1992)
  • Hungary (1996)

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