Prussian Troops in the Western European Front

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European Front
Theater of operations during the Great War
Date July 6 1863 - November 11 1866
Location Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastenr Europe, Ireland
Result Collapse of the Second French Empire, Formation of the German Empire, Capitilualtion of the Austrian Empire, Irish Independence recognized. Unification of Italy


Second French Empire/Third French Republic

Austrian Empire

British Empire (Limited Support)

Grand Triumverate

The Russian Empire


Kingdom of Italy

Kingdom of Spain

Irish Rebels

Commanders and leaders

Napoleon III(POW)

Franz Joseph I

Queen Victoria

Viscount Palmerston

Tsar Alexander II

King Willhelm I

King Emmanual I

Isabella II

Otto Von Bismark

Mikhail Muravyyov

Helmuth Von Motke

Karl Friedrichvon Steinmetz

Casualties and losses

European Theater was a theater of operations during The Great War (1861 - 1867) set in Europe. The war in Europe was fought mostly between Russia and Prussia on one side and France and Austria on the other, with limited support from the British Empire. The goal of the Grand Triumverate in Europe was to knock France out the war and threaten Great Britain with a naval blockade by Prussian and Russian fleets. Also to encourage outright rebellion by the long-oppressed populace of Ireland, forcing the British to draw troops away from the North American Theater.

Like in America the fighting in Europe was culmination of years of resentment between the various nations of the continent. Almost each nation in the European Theater went to war with ulterior purposes. For Prussia and Italy it was for the unification of the various Germanic and Italian states into the countries of Germany and Italy. Russia simple revenge against the Ottomans, French, and British. For Spain it was for getting Spain back on the stage as a major world power.

Despite fighting a war on two fronts, it was quite evident almost since the beginning that the German armies and leadership far outdid both France and Austria, and even Russia. Austria quickly sued for peace after nearly seven months of fighting against Prussian and Russian forces. France managed to fight on for two and a half years year but the decisve Battle of Sedan and the fall of Pairs forced France to capitulate.

The fall of both France and Austria would prove crucial to the the eventual end to the war. With all allied powers on Europe now taken out only the The Confederate States ,British Empire, and Ottoman Empire remained in the fight, all of which were being pounded on almost all fronts.

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