European Nationalist Wars
Part of the Cold War
Date 18 May 1961 - 1 November 1968; 21 March 1970 - 2 December 1979
Location Western Europe, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean
Result Grand Coalition victory; collapse of the Nationalist French regime.
Grand Coalition
  • Flag of the Russian Imperial Republic Empire of Russia
  • War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918 Empire of Germany
  • IberianFlag Union of Iberia
  • Flag of Italy Empire of Italy
  • Flag of France French Socialist Army
  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Azure Confederation
  • Flag of Free France 1940-1944 Greater French Republic
    • SpanishFrance1 French Canary Islands
    • Flag of Free France 1940-1944 French Sardinia
  • Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4 Republic of Sicily
  • Flag of England Republic of England
    • Flag of Wales State of Wales
  • Nordic cross proposal for Lithuanian flag Scandinavian Union
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses

The European Nationalist Wars were a series of conflicts waged between the Nationalist French-led Azure Confederation and the Russian-led Grand Coalition over territory in Europe.

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