European Defense Initiative
Initiative européenne de défense
European Defense Initiative
European Defense Initiative map
Member states (green) and observer countries (red) of the European Defense Initiative
Formation December 1, 1957
Type Military alliance
Headquarters Koblenz, Germany
Membership 17 member states
Official languages English
Commissioner for Defense Bertie Ahern

The European Defense Initiative (French: Initiative européenne de défense) is an international military alliance that was established on November 20, 1957 after the signing of the Koblenz Treaty. The EDI centralises the armed forces of its member states. The EDI is the defence pillar of the European Union and its leader is the Commissioner for Defense of the EU.


Full members

Country Capital Accession
Austria Vienna 2009
Balearic Islands Palma 2002
Belgium Brussels 1957
Catalonia Barcelona 2004
Denmark Copenhaguen 1973
France Paris 1957
Germany Berlin 1957
Greece Athens 1985
Ireland Dublin 1999
Italy Rome 1957
Luxembourg Luxembourg 1957
Netherlands Amsterdam 1957
Poland Warsaw 2009
Portugal Lisbon 1985
Slovenia Ljubljana 2004
Sweden Stockholm 1977
United Kingdom London 1964

Observer countries

Country Capital
Andalusia Córdoba
Finland Helsinki


Country Capital Prospective accession date
Norway Oslo 2012
Iceland Reykjavik 2012

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