The European Defence Community (EDC), was a European intergovernmental military alliance that was founded on 27 May 1952, which served as a defensive response to the threat of Warsaw Pact and in response to the Soviet call for the rearmament of Germany. The intention was to form a pan-European defence force as an alternative to France's proposed accession to ANTO, meant to harness its military potential in case of conflict with the Soviet bloc. The EDC was to include Spain, Ireland, FranceItaly, and the Benelux countries. The EDC was responsible for creating the Military Defense Agency (MDA), a research and development branch, which focused in creating advanced weapons and scientific technology. The EDC also possessed a close diplomatic relationship with the United States in establishing increasing international trade between them during the McCarthy administration. By 1959, under the presidency of Wallace the U.S. severed its ties to the EDC and stopped providing financial and military aid. 

List of Countries

Member(s) Joined Notes
France 1952 Founder (De facto leader)
Belgium 1952 Founder
Netherlands 1952 Founder
Luxembourg 1952 Founder
Iceland 1959
Ireland 1960
Portugal 1969 Observer Member
Spain 1971 Former Member (Left in 1989 to join the Warsaw Pact)
Italy  1972 Former member (Left in 1989 to join the Warsaw Pact)
Great Britain 1991

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