European Confederation
Confédération européenne
1954 –
Ideology Captalism
Main languages English, French, Spanish, Polish
Political structure Military and Political alliance
General Secretairy
- 1953-

Head of Unified Staff
- 1954-1958
- 1958-1965
- 1965-1975


The European confederation was formed after World War 2 ended. They had a massive task ahead of them to rebuild. First off, Germany was destroyed by hydrogen bombs and the general devastation of the war. Their economies were smashed as well and were dependent on the Americans for recovery. Unfortunately the GLF came out into the open, and Europe has been in the grip of a terrorist war ever since. many famous European landmarks, including big Ben and the Eiffel tower, have been destroyed.

The Axis Powers, Germany and Italy, were denied membership. Italy gained membership in 1958, however Germany has yet to gain membership, although there is a planned referendum slated for 1991.


Date Country Enlargement Notes
June 8, 1951 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Founders The main members of the European Confederation.
Flag of France French Fourth Republic
Flag of Belgium Kingdom of Belgium
Flag of Poland (with coat of arms) West Polish Republic
First Expansion.
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia