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EBU logo

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU; French: Union européenne de radio-télévision (UER)) is an European alliance of public service media entities.

Members of the EBU are radio and television companies, most of which are government-owned public service broadcasters or privately owned stations with public service missions.

Active Members are those whose states are within the European Broadcasting Area, or otherwise those who are members of the Council of Europe.

The theme music played before EBU broadcasts is Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Prelude to Te Deum. It is well known to Europeans as it is played before and after the Eurovision Song Contest and other important events.

Pre-Doomsday history

It was formed on 12 February 1950 by 23 broadcasting organisations from Europe and the Mediterranean in the coastal resort of Torquay in Devon, England (United Kingdom). In 1954 was founded the television division (called Eurovision). The "flagship" program of Eurovision, the Eurovision Song Contest, was launched in 1956.


On September 26, 1983, the EMPs caused by Doomsday affected the communications in the northern hemisphere. Radio and television were  greatly affected by Doomsday, even in the areas that survived the cataclysm, it took much time to rebuilt the media infrastructure.

Post-Doomsday History

In 2002, a group of European broadcasters (led by RTE) decided reform the EBU hoping to strengthen cultural ties between European nations. The Eurovision Song Contest was relaunched in 2004. Currently the EBU negotiates broadcasting rights to sports broadcasts, has two communication networks (Eurovision and Euroradio), organizes program exchanges, stimulates and coordinates co-productions, and provides a full range of services, ranging from commercial, technical, legal and strategic to its member agencies.


The radio division of EBU, where the collaboration between countries covers music, news, sports, youth programs and local and regional information.

Radio collaborations include Euroclassic Notturno – an overnight classical music stream, produced by RTE – and special theme days, such as the annual Christmas music relays from around Europe.


New ebu

Eurovision logo

The television division of EBU ensures constant exchanges of news and programs. Most news and sports images that are broadcast by European television come from Eurovision. Within Eurovision cooperation also occurs for the development of educational programs, documentaries and animated series.

Eurovision organize the Eurovision Song Contest, the EBU's highest profile productions. Most EBU broadcasters have a group deal to carry the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.

Current EBU members

  • Alpine Confederation
  • Celtic Alliance
  • Greek Federation
  • Israel
  • Kingdom of Cleveland
  • Luxembourg
  • Newolland (only for radio)
  • Nordic Union
  • North Germany
  • Prussia
  • Southern England
  • Woodbridge (only for radio)

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