European Alliance

The flag of the old Roman Empire was selected for the one representing the European Alliance.

Political Centers
  • London
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Italy
Official Languages 22
Demonym EA (ex: EA diplomats)
Member States 24


  • 1923 Treaty of London
  • 1945 Treaty of Belgorod
  • 1993 Treaty of Budapest
  • 2004 Treaty of Amsterdam
- 2010 estimate 531,259,840
GDP 2009 estimate
- Total $30.703 trillion
- Per capita $38,055
GDP (nominal) 2009 estimate
- Total $16.447 trillion
- Per capita $39,716
Currency (unofficial) The Pound


The European Alliance (EA) is an economic and political union of 24 member states which are located in Europe. Committed to preserving the "European dominance of the world", the EA was established in 1923. With over 500 million citizens, the EA combined generated an estimated 45% share of the nominal Gross Domestic Product, as of 2009.

The EA has developed a single market through a standardised system of laws which apply in all member states, and ensures the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital, including the abolition of passport controls between 22 EA states. It enacts legislation in justice and home affairs, and maintains common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries, and regional development. Sixteen member states (besides Britain) have adopted a common currency, the Pound, making the Pound the unofficial currency of the European Alliance. The EA works closely and is reliant on WETO for military defense and affairs.

The EU operates through a hybrid system of supernationalism and intergovernmentalism. In certain areas, decisions are taken by independent supranational institutions, while in others, they are made through negotiation between member states.

  • Iceland
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • German Federation
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Moldova

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