European Alliance
Europäische Allianz
Eu corps
Member States UK, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia (in exile), Italy, Norway, Bulgaria (in exile), Romania (in exile), Belgium, the Netherlands
Headquarters Berlin
Head of the EA Council in 1919 Victor Tecuci (RO),(1919-1929)
Presidency of the EA French Empire (1919-1920), Austria-Hungary (1920-1921), UK (1921-1922), Germany (1922-1923), Italy (1923-1924)
Establishment 1907 (as the Triple Alliance)

Originally founded as the Triple Alliance in 1907 (composed of AH, DE, and Italy), the organization was re-organized in 1918 as the European Alliance to include the UK, France, and Serbia. Further countries joined during the war, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, and Romania (both in exile). The Presidency of the EA is rotated every year between each member of the Union, The Head of the EA Council (the legislative body) is elected every 5 years. During the War, Romanian exile Victor Tecuci was given responsibility for all military actions. He was awarded a number of decorations.

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