War Summit

Particpants sign here: 

  • France: host
  • Levantine Federation
  • Kingdom of Romania
  • United States of America
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Kurdistan
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • USSR
  • Spain
  • Bulgaria


With the recent crisis the French propose that all European forces coordinate to the best of their abilities to defend the continent and that the EU security council be given special authority to handle manage the war effort.

Resolutions and war plans: 

The Levantine Federation presents its own plan.

  • The Navy will hold the Dead Sea Canal, preferably with aid from the Saudis and Yemeni
  • The Air Force will partially aid the French, but the majority will stay at home and will destroy any Extraterrestrial Aircraft flying over Levantine lands.
  • The cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Damascus and Aleppo will be made into fort-cities
  • The Land Force will defend those five fort-cities to death
  • The regular population (those who will not fight) will move into the mountains to hide, and boys and girls from ages 12 will be trained for combat until they are 15, when they will join the other troops.
  • The Levantine government will move to a base at Mount Meron.
  • The Levant will construct as much nuclear weapons as possible and fire them at the Extraterrestrial Base, when it is found.

The United Kingdom: This is our current plan.

  • We are declaring a state of emergency and shutting down airspace, allowing only the military to use it and prevent these invaders from pushing further into Great Britain.
  • We are enacting strict curfews to protect the citizens.
  • The Thames River is shut down to everyone.
  • The entirety of London is shut down to the public. No one goes in and no one goes out.
  • Belfast and Edinburgh will be used as military training areas and are also shut down to the public.
  • All of Wales is evacuated effective immediately and the country is turned into a massive military base. We will command a large part of the British navy which is fighting in South England from here.
  • The royal family is immediately going on "holiday" to New Zealand until this is resolved. The Prime Minister becomes the official head of the United Kingdom for the time being.
  • We enact the draft.
  • All British military will focus primarily on The United Kingdom since none of our other colonies have been hit.
  • We will aid France and Germany by stopping the alien invasion of the Netherlands.
  • If the Republic of Ireland is attacked we will provide sufficient defense.
  • The UK has more than 30 nuclear weapons, located in strategic locations in both the UK and our colonies. They will be used once the alien headquarters is discovered.
  • 38% of our air force and 25% of our navy will aid the European powers.

French War Plan:

  • French naval forces located in the North Sea will coordinate with British naval units, while the bulk of it remains in the med sea to protect the sea lanes and coordinate with the rest of the Southern European powers in the protection of Europe and to aid in the bombardment of alien forces that have developed beachheads. 
  • The bulk of the French forces will coordinate with other European powers to hold the Alps, Rhine and lowlands, and keep Central Europe safe so a united European force can be developed. 
  • nukes will only be used as a last resort however all other forms of weaponry shall be used to deter further alien advances. 
  • refugees will betaking in however those who make it France may be drafted based on their physical condition and specialization. 
  • further plans to be developed upon the arrival of more delegates. 
  • All research should be made a joint effort to improve our chances of winning this war and we propose that no one surrender to the enemy. 
  • The French Propose that the French-German forces become the leading force in a United European Army once things improve due the large capacity to deploy forces in Europe and the high level of expertise in continental warfare both countries possess. 
    • British Diplomacy: We ask you to continue to fight to secure Brittany instead of withdrawing from the region. Also we will help with the United Army by providing the Navy since the United Kingdom has one of the best, if not the best, navies in Europe and quite possibly the world.
    • French Dip: The French agree and once the Franco-British navy has worked things out in the north sea we should coordinate with American and Federation forces to secure sea lanes in the Atlantic. 
    • Kurdistan, assuming it is not invaded, will offer 50,000 troops to assist in Europe as necessary. It requests that European nations share nuclear technology with it to allow it to fight more effectively.
    • The French Agree
    • British Diplomacy: We agree and offer to send you two nuclear weapons in case of an alien attack.

German War Plan:

  • A defensive line will be established in the Northern part of the country to prevent an alien breakthrough and to evacuate civilians
  • German units in occupied territory will dig in and buy time for the civilians.
  • 100,000 troops will be deployed to Poland and 250,000 will be deployed to France.
    • These troops will be under joint command.
    • Further troops will be deployed as our strategy is formed.

Italian War Plan:

  • Complete strategic withdrawal from Greece to defend the mainland.
  • The government will attempt to flee to the Alps in the north, as the vast majority of Italy has already come under occupation.
  • Very few forces will be able to be spared to fight outside of Italy, except the navy and air force, which will be concentrated mainly in liberating Italian coastal cities (most of them) and North Africa.

Spanish War Plan:

  • We will withdraw some of our civilians and military personal to what was originally or fallout bunkers in order to preserve humanity. These will be sealed only to be opened in a hundred years and not to be opened.
  • We will deploy our professional army of a half million troops to use the mountainous terrain to our advantage.
  • There will be martial law enforced and all of our citizens will be conscripted to either the army or the factories.
  • Our navy and army are ready to evacuate civilians in case any power wants help. They consist of an aircraft carrier, ten dreadnoughts and 5 cruisers and 90,000 soldiers along with armour.
  • We will request that all information from the ruins be shared since they might carry the fate of humanity.
  • We will use our thermobaric weapons and our Lockheed aircraft but not our two nuclear weapons.
  • Our colonies will be protected by colonial troops and dominion troops.
    • French Dip: the French request that the Spanish aid in the defense of the med sea and in the defense of the Southern France and North Africa to preserve the passes. We also request they join the united European forces. 

Romanian War Plan:

  • We will begin forced conscription and begin rating food. Oil is only used for military purposes.
  • 35,000 troops are deployed into Central Europe, in order to protect it, especially Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria, but also to Belgrade. 20,000 troops are sent to secure Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.
  • The coastline is divided into a civilian authority in the naturally protected Danube Delta and the military southern district, and we turn the port of Constanta into a military base.
  • We ask the USSR for ships and men to liberate Istanbul, and start producing ships on our own, based on the French ships in our command.
  • The French and American troops stranded in our are reformed into the Foreign Legion. However, the British troops refuse to submit until their government allows them to do so.
  • The King declares martial law and starts moving important objects into the mountains to protect them.
  • Refugees from Poland are welcomed and the capable men reform into the 'Polish Hussar Legion'. The rest will be used as work force in the war.
  • Uranium is mined en masse in order to supply it to the Levant, once Istanbul is freed.

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