I created the Map Game: Europe 1430, but I can see that it is out of my hands and I am now making a page all to myself. This is an article similar to Map Games in the fact that I will post a map for every updated year. But, it is more complicated than a map game. I will go into greater detail and you can rely on a much more hisorically accurate timeline, accurate in the sense that what I create will be entirely plausible and could easily have happened given different circumstances.ProfessorMcG 00:26, May 12, 2010 (UTC)


The Renaissance began in 14th century in Florence, Italy. The Renaissance was a revitalization of the arts, religion, science, mathematics, and the like. After the fall of Rome Europe experienced what is known as the Middle Ages; the Middle Ages, one could say, started the exact opposite of Renaissance teaching. Petrarch, on the other hand, believed the Middle Ages to be the beginning of a new age. But no matter what historians or you may say, we can all agree that the Renaissance was a very complicated period of time. Outside of the sphere of teaching, arts, and philosophy nations rose and fell with a mess of independant states and principalities. The Renaissance, in the sense of a historical time period, is an era that a historian can spend a lifetime on.

My timeline's beginning...



  • Jeanne d'Arc is captured by the Burgundians on May 23. Charles VI pays the ransom for Jeanne's release, and Jeanne is never sold to the English and executed.
  • The Regency Council of England, which rules while Henry VI is a minor, decides to rinvigorate the war in France, due to the influence of Humphrey, Lord Protector, and the death of Cardinal Beaufort.
  • With Jeanne d'Arc ready to command French forces and the English deciding to reinvigorate the war, thing look to heat up.

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