(OK, it's the same as OTL, but I wanted to make a list in preparation for what comes later.)

1209-29: France eradicates the Albigensians.

1214: Battle of Bouvines, France wins; Angevine Empire ends

1215: Magna Carta in England.

4th Lateran council. Teachings of Cathars and Waldensians condemned, Jews are forced to wear the infamous special hats.

1216: Order of the Dominicans founded.

1217: Civil War in Norway between the Baglers and Birkebeiners ends.

1220-30: German Customary Law written down in the so-called Sachsenspiegel.

1221: Bonaventura (Franciscans) born.

1223: Franciscans acknowledged by the pope.

1225/26: Thomas of Aquin born.

1226: France becomes hereditary monarchy.

1227: Denmark loses Northern Germany in the Battle of Bornhöved.

German poet Walther von der Vogelweide dies.

1229-35: Aragon conquers the Baleares.

1230: Castille united with Leon by Hernando III the Holy. He conquers Cordoba, Murcia, Jaen, Sevilla; Muslims reduced to Granada.

1231: Papal Inquisition created.

1233/34: The bishop of Bremen calls for a "crusade" against the peasants of Stedingerland, which they lose.

1237: Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II defeats the Lombard army at Cortenuovo.

1241: Friedrich II occupies the Papal states. In the same year, his enemy Gregor IX dies. After the short papacy of Coelestin IV there's a time of two years when there's no Pope.

1246: The French side line Anjou founded. In the same year, they get the Provence.

1250: Friedrich II dies.

Birger Jarl ruler in Sweden.

Portugal conquers the Algarve.

In Florence, the people elect for the first time the 36 caporali di popolo, a political counterweight to the nobles.

Chaos TL in blocks
Earlier in time:

Europe -1200



Later in time:

Europe 1250-1300

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