Considered the center of the civilized world, Europe is the second smallest continent on Earth (only Australia is smaller). The loose federations that are Francia and the Holy Roman Empire have typically steered political direction, as the collections of small states are prime targets for expanding influence. Other derection steering sagas include the Wessex-Jorvik wars, Aragons and Byzantiums expeditions into Northern Africa and Asia Minor, and Svealands and Novgorods struggle over Karelia.

Western Europe features the various states of the Iberian peninsula and the Albionic Isles. The continents eastern border is marked the Ural Mountains, which is also Novgorods easternmost frontier. The north is marked by the assorted Nordic states, some nearing or extending north of the arctic circle. The south is defined by the Mediterranean Sea, long the premier trading location. The wealthy mercantile states of Italy, Aragon, and Byzantium, line the Sea's northern coast, while the southern is bordered by the Muslim states of the Hasfid Kingdom and Egypt. Central Europe is characterized by the fragmented empires of Francia and the Holy Roman Empire, bordered by the Commonwealth.

Europe colored-labeled TONK

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