European (and neighbours') borders as of 2015.

The European continent is a continent composed of the westernmost peninsula of the Eurasian continent (not to be confused with Eurasia), bordered by Asia to the east beyond the Ural mountains as well as the Caucasus and the Bosporus, by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and by Africa to the south, separated by the Mediterranean Sea. To the north is the Arctic Sea, with Europe being one of the most northern continents in the world.

The second smallest continent through area (measuring only ten million sq km), Europe is extremely densely populated, with a population of slightly over a billion inhabitants, roughly equally divided throughout the continent, albeit Central Europe is the most densely populated of all the subregions. Of Europe's approximately 30 countries, the largest one by size and population within Europe is the Eurasian Union, albeit when considering "Commonwealths" the size is heavily disputed depending on the population by different nations.

Europe is the birthplace of what is known as Western culture. Historically, the colonial supremacy of the European continent in between the sixteenth and twentieth century has led to Europe overdoing in prosperity. Europe, with 11% of the population, has roughly a quarter to a third of the world's gross domestic product. Of the world's highest ten nations by human development index, six are located in Europe.

Political Division

The Council of Europe, an advisory body to which all European nations and some non-European observers belong to, recognises thirty independent and sovereign states within the European continent. These are

Nation Capital Official Language(s) Form of Government GDP per capita (PPP, OTL 1990 dollars) Human Development Index Population
Flag of Albania Kingdom of Albania Tirana Albanian Parliamentary Monarchy 22,310 0.845 4.115 million
Flag of Andorra Principality of Andorra Andorra La Vella Catalan Parliamentary triarchy 43,500 0.9 87,000
Flag of Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Brussels Walloon, Flemish Federal parliamentary monarchy 47,500 0.921 9.5 million
Flag of Bulgaria Kingdom of Bulgaria Sofia Bulgarian Semi-constitutional monarchy 27,000 0.851 5.35 million
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovak Federal Republic Prague Czech, Slovak Federal parliamentary republic 34,000 0.882 12.15 million
Flag of Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Copenhagen Danish Parliamentary monarchy 48,000 0.932 5.2 million
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal) Eurasian Union Saint Petersburg None (de jure) Confederal parliamentary monarchy 34,750 0.885 514 million
Flag of the Faroe Islands Faroe Republic Tórshavn Faroese Parliamentary republic 37,000 0.912 53,000
Flag of France French Republic Paris French (regional languages recognised) Parliamentary diarchy 43,500 0.913 78 million
Flag of Germany German Empire Frankfurt German Parliamentary federal monarchy 50,310 0.922 97.35 million
Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Kingdom of Greece Constantinople Greek Parliamentary monarchy 28,215 0.877 17.42 million
30px Kingdom of Hungary Budapest Hungarian Parliamentary monarchy 35,200 0.893 14.12 million
Hvítbláinn Republic of Iceland Rejkavik Icelandic Semi-direct democracy 47,300 0.923 197,000
Flag of Italy Italian Federation Rome Italian Parliamentary federal monarchy 32,500 0.862 76.3 million
StarryPlough Kingdom of Ireland Dublin English, Irish Parliamentary Monarchy 42,000 0.912 6.317 million
Flag of Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein Vaduz German Parliamentary Monarchy 112,000 0.93 37,000
Flag of Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Luxembourg Louxembourgish Parliamentary Monarchy 113,000 0.901 573,000
Flag of Malta Republic of Malta Valletta Maltese Presidential Republic 33,000 0.842 75,000
Flag of Montenegro Principality of Montenegro Cetinje Montenegrin, Serbian Parliamentary Monarchy 20,100 0.810 715,000
Flag of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands Amsterdam, The Hague Dutch Parliamentary Monarchy 48,500 0.929 15.42 million
Flag of Norway Kingdom of Norway Oslo Norwegian Parliamentary Monarchy 70,300 0.944 5.115 million
Flag of Poland Polish Republic Warsaw Polish Parliamentary Republic 33,000 0.870 35.715 million
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania Bucharest Romanian Parliamentary Monarchy 25,000 0.840 15.21 million
Flag of San Marino Republic of San Marino Dogana Italian Parliamentary Republic 39,000 0.890 32,000
Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Kingdom of Serbia Belgrade Serbian Parliamentary Monarchy 24,100 0.820 7.4 million
Flag of Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Stockholm Swedish Parliamentary Monarchy 49,100 0.924 9.01 million
Flag of Switzerland Swiss Confederation Bern German, French, Italian, Romansch Federal directorial republic with elements of direct democracy 58,000 0.935 Eight million
Flag of the Second Spanish Republic (plain) Union of Free Iberian Territories Madrid Spanish, minority languages co-official Confederalist/platformist confederation 36,000 0.887 48 million
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) United Kingdom of Great Britain London English Parliamentary federal monarchy 42,000 0.911 76 million
Flag of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs Zagreb Slovene, Croat, Serbian Confederal Republic 26,500 0.856 10.2 million

Besides these nations, there is also the territory of Neutral Moresnet, sometimes considered an independent republic, as well as the Republic of Greenland, which is technically in North America but tied culturally to Denmark. The Holy See is rarely also considered a thirty-third state in Europe.