The main empires (coloured) with their administrative divisions, and other minor states (gray). map is incomplete.

The European Continent, also called Europe, is the second smallest of the continents in the world. It is located in both hemispheres (eastern and western), and entirely within the Northern Hemisphere. Europe is one of the most populated and most culturally advanced continents in the world. It's currently divided into 13 nations, two of which (the Ottoman Empire and United States of Greater Austria) are considered great powers, and two (the Union of Sovereign Proletarian Kingdoms, Hispanic Federation) is considered a superpower.



Flag Nation ISO Capital Area (km2) Population OTL equivalent
Flag of Austria (state) United States of Greater Austria GA Vienna area app. 233,000,000 Germany, Poland, Padania, Belgium, Slovenia, Vojvodina, Transylvania, Wallachia, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia
Naval Ensign of Russia Union of Sovereign Proletarian Kingdoms US St.Petersburg area app. 306,000,000 Former Soviet Union, Moldavia, Finland, Torne River Valley, Finnmark, Poland (east)
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1844) United Ottoman Emirates OE Constantinople area app. 227,000,000 Ottoman Empire (around 1520), Persia
(Vision) Flag of Spain Hispanic Federation HF Seville area app. 400,000,000 (including the Americas) Spanish Empire
Flag of Constitutional Royal France France FR Paris area app.65,000,000 France
Celt flag Celt Federation CF Glasgow Area app.21,000,000 Six Celtic Nations
Flag of the United Kingdom England EN London area app.51,000,000 England
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands NT Amsterdam area app. 16 million Netherlands
Flag of the Kalmar Union Scandinavia SC Copenhagen area app.21,000,000 Iceland, Sweden (minus the Torne River Valley), Norway (minus Finnmark}} and Denmark
Flag of the Papal States (1808-1870).svg Papal States PS Rome area app. 11,000,000 Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo

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