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Map of Europe, showing countries

(list of countries in Europe in the Chinese World timeline)

Central Europe

Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Notes
Bohemia Praga Bohemian Germania
Brandenburg Berlin Polish Russia
Saxony Dresden Bohemian, Yidish Germania
Hannover Hannover Hanovrian Germania
Helvetia Bern Helvetian, Allemanish Helvetia
Poland Warsaw Polish Russia
Swabia Strassburg Swabian Germania
Turkey Vienna Turkish Turkia

Eastern Europe

Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Notes
Novogorod Novogorod Novogorodan Russia
Moskovia Moskow Moskovian Russia
Ruthesia Kiev Ruthesian Russia
White Russia Minsk White Russian Russia

Northern Europe

Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Notes
Denmark Copenhagen Danish; Norse, Lappish Scandinavia
Iceland Reykjavík Icelandic Scandinavia
Scania Malmø Scanoian Scandinavia
Sweden Stockholm Swedish Scandinavia

Southern Europe

Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Notes
Andalus Granada Arabic Arabia
Bosnia Sarajevo Serbo-bosnian Slavonia
Genoa Genoa Genoese Italia
Greece Athens Greek Hellenia
Italy San Marino Italian Italia
Naples Naples Napolitan Ispania
Serbia Beograd Serbo-bosnian Slavonia
Sisilia Palermo Arabic Arabia
Spain Burgos Castilian, Catalan, Gallego, Basque Ispania
Venice Venice Venetian Italia

Western Europe

Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Notes
Brittany Nantes Britano-Gaulian Ispania
England Londres Britanian; Anglish, Norman Ispania
Gaul Lutetia Central Gaulian; Britano-Gaulian, Ispano-Gaulian, Swabian Ispania
Holland Antwerp Britanian; Frisian, Hannovrian, Central Gaulian Ispania
Ireland Dublin Irish Celtia
Scotland Edimburg Scotish Scandinavia
West Ireland Cork Cantonese China

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