The Eric von Schweetz Company
Type Private
Industry Mass media
Founded 12 August 1889; 128 years ago
Founder(s) Erich von Schweetz
Headquarters Schweetz Palace, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden
Area served Worldwide, primary in Shugarhai Union
Products Publishing
Video games
Theme parks
Web portals
Armored fighting vehicles
Combat aircraft
Robotic systems
Services Licensing
Media production
Military production
Divisions Eric von Schweetz Pictures
Eric von Schweetz Parks and Resorts
Eric von Schweetz Consumer Products
Eric von Schweetz Interactive
Eric von Schweetz Weaponry

The Eric von Schweetz Company, commonly known as Euroweetz, is a Swedish multinational mass media conglomerate, software company and defense contractor headquartered at the Schweetz Palace near Uppsala in Sweden. It is both the largest media conglomerate and defense contractor in Shugarhai Union by terms of revenue, as well severing it as the unique sole militaristic powerhouse of the Shugarhai Union, with one of divisions Eric von Schweetz Weaponry producing military equipment for the Shugarhai military. It is controlled by the Schweetz family. Vanellope von Schweetz, the main character in the Zöckarluschu franchise and national character in Sweden, is a primary symbol and mascot for Euroweetz.

Euroweetz was founded on 12 August 1889 by Erich von Schweetz as the Swedish book publishing company Eric von Schweetz Press AB, which later solidifying the influence into the Swedish government during the first and second Swedish republics and empires respectively. During it's dominance rule, the company took it's current name in 1906 by founding it's Weaponry division which allow Euroweetz to control over huge sections of the Swedish military. The golden age of animation worldwide has Euroweetz formed its animation studio unit Eric von Schweetz Animation Studios in 1932 to produce animated shorts and then feature films, which later evolved to became a animation arm of Eric von Schweetz Pictures, which was created in 1950 and produced also live-action films. Eric von Schweetz Television, which was formed in 1950 and produces television content, gained weekend contract for Svealand region awarded by SVTA, the Swedish branch of ITA. Eric von Schweetz Television will run among with the weekday franchise Svensk Televisionindustri (STI) the Svealand region until 2002, when ITV took over it. The death of its founder and Olaf Vonkaslø's takeover of the company sparked The Eric von Schweetz Company being renamed as Olaf Vonkaslø Company and putting King Sukkerlof as their mascot. The dark age of Euroweetz had gone crazy, as the company created more and more mature content that triggers a nationwide collapse of Shugarhai Union and rise of democracy in Europe. Euroweetz was renamed back in 1980 as Olaf Vonkaslø fired from corporation and the new CEO retired the Olaf Vonkaslø brand name. With American influence allowed to flow into Shugarhai Union, Euroweetz made a deal with its rival Disney to allow both mascots' characters unite into one single franchise for most of the part, while Disney will release Euroweetz's film and TV content for first time in democratic nations that previously has been banned among with products imported from Shugarist Bloc. The deal will end 30 years later after the reveal of the film Wreck-It Ralph. Euroweetz also did expand into interactive industry as Eric von Schweetz Interactive in 1980, and Euroweetz's games were bestsellers in Shugarhai Union during 1980s and 1990s. The success of video gaming causes Euroweetz to enter into console industry a decade later, starting with release of their first video game console Kaiserstation Charlemagne. Since then, Euroweetz has ruled the Shugarhai Union in decades, with most recently CEO Oscar von Schweetz is Sweden's emperor and the Emperor of all Europe.

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