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The Euro-Asian Coalition is a proposed alliance between three charter members - the UK, France, and the Ottoman Empire.

The Coalition is built on mutual trust, strength, and defensive intentions. Many view the Coalition as a counter to the powerful League of Four Emperors.

The idea was proposed in 1880 by the Ottoman Emperor Abdulaziz, who felt that it is necessary for the front in oppostition to Russian expansionism, in order to effectively stop the expansionism.


Article I

Mutual Trade

  1. The nations of the Coalition will engage in mutual trade, with a limit of 5% import tariffs of other nations within the Coalition.
  2. A vote will be put up in 1910 for the option of free trade, with a 0% import tariff.
  3. Trade between member nations will be conducted in the most fair way possible, and all member states will maintain trade agreements with all other states.

Article II

Mutual Defense

  1. Should any nation of the Coalition be attacked unprovokedly by any other nation, all other nations must declare war to defend the other nation.
  2. If any nation of the Coalition is attacked provokedly, the other nations may have the option to either send military aid or declare war themselves.
  3. No member of the Coalition will attack a neutral nation.

Article III

Joint Military Action

  1. Should a vote to declare war on a nation be put forward in the Coalition, all member states who voted in favor of the war (must be a majority) must declare war on the nation.
  2. For those who did not vote in favor of war, they are not obligated to declare war, but must sent supplies or troops in order to secure victory for the Coalition.
  3. The nations engaged in any joint military action will nominate and decide who will be leading the campaign. Whoever is leading the campaign may then determine land gains and who the commanding general is.

Article IV

Coalition Proceedings

  1. Each nation will represent one vote, and a majority (minimum of 51%) is needed to pass any motions.
  2. In order to add a new nation, the vote must be:
    1. Unanimous amongst Charter Members
    2. A Majority (51%) of all Members
  3. Ratifications to this Charter, as well as the addition of new Charter Members can only occur with:
    1. Unanimity amongst Charter Members
    2. A 66% Majority amongst all Members


Chater Members

Full Members