The Euro-African Union

European African union

Euro-African union

Headquarters Luanda, Portuguese West Africa

Official Languages

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Afrikaans

Portuguese West Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, British West Africa.

Members Portuguese West Africa, British West Africa.
Established February 19, 1951

The Euro-African Union (Or EAU for short) is a military and economic union with the purpose of maintaining the European presence in Africa and strengthening any White nations on the continent.

Main Ideals

The Main ideals of the EAU are:

  • To meditate the needs for independence and the wishes of European States, to make sure that colonies are fully ready to become independent and don't descend into civil war.
  • To strengthen and defend African nations and colonies.
  • To fight against the spread of communism in Africa by any means necessary.


Full Members

  • Portuguese West Africa.
  • British West Africa.
  • Portuguese East Africa.


  • United Kingdom.
  • Spain.
  • United States.
  • North Rhodesia.
  • Portugal.


1952-53 Meeting in Luanda, Portuguese West Africa

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