Eurasian Trade Organization
Евразийская Торговая Организация
Eurasischen Handelsorganisation

Timeline: Reverse a Dragon and a Titan
Flag of the Eurasian Economic Union
Eurasian Trade Organization Map
Green = Members, Light Green = Observer State, Gray = Nonaffiliated
Capital Riga, Latvia
Largest city Shanghai
Other cities Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo, Sydney
Language Chinese, Russian, English, German
Established April 4, 1949

The Eurasian Trade Organization also called the Eurasian Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the Eurasian Treaty which was signed on April 4, 1949. The organization constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party.


  • Flag of Oceania (Proposal) Commonwealth of Oceania
  • Flag of Israel Free State of Israel
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Finland Kingdom of Finland
  • Flag of Free France 1940-1944 North African Free Republic
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) Republic of China
  • 800px-Flag of Estonia Republic of Estonia
  • 500px-Flag of Korea Republic of Korea
  • Flag of Latvia Republic of Latvia
  • Persian Flag Republic of Persia
  • Flag of the Philippines Republic of the Philippines
  • Flag of Turkey Republic of Turkey
  • Flag of Russia Russian Republic

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