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Eurasian Alliance (Principia Moderni II Map Game)

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Eurasian Alliance
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
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Flag Coat of Arms
Location of EA
(and largest city)
Not Selected
Language Roman, Russian, Persian, Arabian, Dimuratese, Dutch, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laos
Religion Christianity (Various Forms), Islam, various other religions
Legislature International Congregation
Established 1688


  • Ethiopia
  • Russia
    • Grand Principality of Suur-Suomi
    • Saami Autonomous Oblast
    • Minsk
    • Astrakhan State
    • Novgorod
    • Riga
    • Tartar State
  • China
    • Vietnam
    • Bone
    • Laos
  • Rome
  • Azerbaijan
  • Persia
    • Armenian Sultanate
    • Arabian Sultanate
    • Mesoptamian Sultanate
  • Dimurats
  • Hungary
    • Wallachia
  • Netherlands


  • Crete and Cyprus
  • Portugal
  • Ethiopia

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