Eugene V. Debs (1855-1926) was the founder and first president of the United Socialist States of America, which was the first Communist country on the planet.


Before the revolution, Debs was co-founder of the International Workers of the World (IWW) and leader of the American Socialist Party and candidate for president in 1904. Exiled to Europe after the Revolt of 1905 led to his party being banned, he lived in Switzerland where he met Vladimir Lenin, a Communist leader from Russia. Lenin influenced Debs tremendously, changing his position farther to the far left. He returned to America after Germany smuggled him via submarine to Mexico to incite America into revolution.

Following the Second American Revolution, Debs made peace with the Central Powers in 1918 calling back all troops that went to Europe and ceded territory to Mexico in the Treaty of Phoenix. Most historians agree this intensified the Second American Civil War, but "white" forces were disorganized and under-armed compared to the People's Army. Fighting ended in 1921, but before then Debs had already created a new Congress. The Socialist Party had a 60% majority while the rest was made up of the Progressive Party, Communist Party, Labor Party, and the Reform Party.

Debs spent the last five years of his life turning the USSA into the Communist country he had worked for. This, however, was difficult in the state that the economy was in, so he allowed some capitalist practices to remain until the country was rebuilt.

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