Etruscan Invasion of Umbria
Part of Vae victis!

A picture of Etruscan and Umbrian forces in battle
Date 8th, August to 21st, September 386 BC
Location Umbria
Result Victory for Etrusca
  • Umbrian lands annexed by Etrusca
  • Tensions between Etrusca and Safineim rise dramatically
  • An alliance is forged between Etrusca and the Senone


Umbrian Tribes
Commanders and leaders


Various Tribal Leaders
24,000 8000
Casualties and losses
~3500 ~5000 (including civilians)

The Etruscan invasion of the Umbrian tribes was a way for Etrusca to expand to counteract the Safinei take over of Rome. The Senones assisted the takeover with their army that had recently destroyed Rome. The attack was a quick success, though it took four years to subdue them completely. The attack did a lot to put the Etruscans and the Safinei into conflict, which eventually ended in the 50 years war.


After the fall of Rome and its subsequent collapse, The former Roman Republic was quickly taken over and occupied by the Safinei. Worried about this dramatic increase in Safinei power, the Etruscans decided to invade the Umbrian tribes, in order to gain land and population. In order to gain even more support for the invasion, The Etruscans recruited Brennus' Army to assist them. With the combined force of the Etruscans and the Senone, the combined army marched into Etruscan land.


The battle started with the entire Senone-Etruscan army fighting an army of 4,000 raised by various nearby Umbrian colonies. The battle took long to complete, as the Etruscans only deployed 5000 troops and 2000 Senone. The Umbrian tactics were relatively effective, and caused high casualties for the Etruscans. After several hours of fighting, the Umbrian army collapsed due to an overall lack of cooperation and no recognized commander. The Umbrians defeat allowed the Etruscans to take a large amount of Umbrian territory, and move south to take the rest.

After the initial battle, the war went downhill quickly for the Umbrians, with them losing many troops and inflicted few casualties. As settlement after settlement was taken by the Etruscans, the Umbrians became increasingly desperate and tried to raise an army. However, the various tribes were only able to raise 3000 troops, and the army was extremely unorganized. The army was soon destroyed, and the Umbrian land was annexed by Etrusca. Although it took another two years to completely stop Umbrian revolts, the battle at this point was effectively.


After the Etruscans took over Umbria, they were quick to establish colonies and integrate the Umbrians into Etruscan culture. After the Etruscans take over, the Safinei began to expand farther into Southern Italy, effectively creating two spheres of influence on the Italian peninsula. This would later lead to the 50 years war, a bloody conflict between the Etruscans and the Safinei. Overall, the Etruscan conquest of Umbria would arguably cause hundreds of years of war between the two sides and give the Etruscans enough power to eventually win this series of wars.

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