Ethiopia, also known as the Christian Republic of Ethiopia, is one of the three independent African countries. It is located in northeastern Africa bordering Kenya to the south, Perso-Arabia to the northeast, the Red Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean and French Djibouti to the east, and French Egypt to the west. It has over 100 million inhabitants and 1,855,257 sq km, making it the second largest country after South Africa in terms of population and area. It covers the the Horn of Africa, and because of this, makes Ethiopia a center of trade in the region.

Ethiosomalia has two distinct histories (based on their two regions). Somalia was claimed to be the fabled Land of Punt according to most scholars. During the Middle Ages, the regional trade was under control of the Ajuuran State, the Adal Sultanate, the Warsangali Sultanate, anf the Gobroon Dynasty. Ethiopia was one of the world's most oldest civilizations. Its monarchy is one of the oldest in Africa, which traces its roots to the 2nd century BC. Ethiopia is also home to some of the oldest site of the human species, as it may have hold some of mankind's origins. It may be where Homo sapiens first set out to the Middle East and around the world. The Ancient Ethiopian Aksum Empire, just like Rome, Persia, China, and India, was one of the great powers of the 3rd century. During the 1850's, Ethiosomalia succumbed to the invasions of Greece and France. France gained Djibouti while Greece held the rest. As colonial problems developed for Greece, an independence rebellion in Ethiosomalia rose up, forcing Greece to abandon their hold on it.

Ethiosomalia was first ruled by a pro-Western monarchy. However, during the 1960's, an era when Southwest and Southern Asia were wracked by sectarian violence, a pro-Christian fundamentalist coup deposed the monarchy and established a Christian theocratic republic. Because of the new government's anti-Islamic stance, Somalia began a rebellion for independence. This lasted for several years until an uneasy ceasefire was enforced by the IL. Because of this, th country was split into two states, each one having partial power over the other.

Ethiopia is a geographic-diversified country, known for its waterfalls, numerous rivers, volcanic hot springs, mountains, and some of the world's lowest points below sea level. The country's numerous rivers makes it one of the most environmental-friendly countries in the world for its widespread use of hydroelectricity. Sof Omar contains Africa's largest cave. Dallol, Afar is one of the world's hottest places in the planet. Ethiopia is a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-ethnic nation of 80 groups, which the largest the Oromo and the Amharam, who speak Afro-Asiatic languages. It still uses the indigenous alphabet, yet Greek can still be spoken. It has its own calender and time system as well. It has some of the largest number of ILESCO World Heritage Sites in the continent. The country's birthplace for the coffee bean and rock-hewn churches in Lalibela make it well-known worldwide. The Ethiopian Aksum region was the world's first empire to convert to Christianity and was one of the world's first to adopt the religion. Ethiopia does have a Muslim population to the south. Differences between the two groups have constantly caused disorder and conflict in the country. Ethiopia is the site of Islam's first Hijra and is home to the continent;s oldest Muslim settlement at Megash. Jews used to live around Ethiopia until the 1960's.

Ethiopia is still wracked with problems since the 1960's. Balancing Muslim and Christian influences in the government has been the nation's main goal. The country is under fire for failing to respond quickly to the Somalian famines, which have caused riots in the region. Often, the northern part of the country is better off than the south, which is a common reason for the dissent in Somalia. Despite the country's growing economy, it still faces problems, including constant disorder in Somalia, poor human rights record, and other domestic problems.

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