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Ethiopian Occupation of Djibouti


Economic Crash of Eritrea

Ethiopian Occupation of South Eritrea

4th June 1996


18th Setember 1996


South Eritrea


South Eritrea is annexed by Ethiopia and Asmara starts to a economic crash

Major battles:

Battle of Asseb


Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia

Flag of Somaliland Flag of Puntland alliance

Helped by UN

Flag of Eritrea Eritrea

Movement "Free Djibouti"


Presidents and generals

Presidents and generals


Flag of Ethiopia - 16 000

Flag of Somaliland Flag of Puntland - 5 500

UN - 1 000

Flag of Eritrea - 6 400

Movement "Free Djibouti" - 2 300

Casualties and Losses

Flag of Ethiopia - 4 500

Flag of Somaliland Flag of Puntland - 1 200

UN - 680

Flag of Eritrea - 5 000 army and 10 000 civilizans

Movement "Free Djibouti" - 1 200

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