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Ethiopian Empire
Mängəstä Ityop'p'ya
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Ethiopia and Eritrea
Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Imperial coat of arms of Ethiopia (Haile Selassie)
Flag Coat of Arms
250px-Pdr ethiopia
Location of Ethiopian Empire

Ityopia tabetsih edewiha habe Igziabiher (Ge'ez, English and Italian)
("Ethiopia Stretches Her Hands unto God")

Anthem "Ethiopia, be happy""
(and largest city)
Addis Abeba
Other cities Gondar and Asmara
Ge'ez, English and Italian
  others Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya, Sidamo
Ethiopian Orthodox
  others Christianity Catholicism, Muslim, Judaism and Atheism
Ethnic Groups
Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali
  others Italian, British, Arab
Demonym Ethiopian
Government Constitutional and parliamentary monarchy
  legislature Ethiopian Parliament
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Prime Minister Mikael Imru
Area 1.248.447 km²
Population 25,000,000 
Established 1137
Independence from Kingdom of Italy
  declared 1941
Currency Ethiopian Birr

The Ethiopian Empire is a soverign nation in East Africa, from 1936 to 1941 it was part of the A.O.I. (Africa Orientale Italiana)


The Ethiopian Empire was declare in 1137 when the king of the Kingdom of Axium was declared as Negus Neghesti (King of the King) it was also the only catholic Kingdom in Africa until the arrive of the Europeans. During the scrumble for Africa the Kingdom of Italy in seach of new colony make a colony in the coast of the Eritrea with main colony the city of Assaua. After some expansion in the mainland the Italian signed with the Ethiopian the treaty of Uccialli. The Italian was thinking now Ethiopia was a protectorate of Italy. But for the difficult of translation it wasn't, after this Italy declare war on Ethiopia and the First Ethiopian-Italian war was started. The Italians was defeated in the battle of Adua and of Amba Alagi, after this the Italian have recognized Ethiopia as a sovering state and the Ethiopians the Italian colony of Eritrea. During that time the Negus was Menelik II II, a warlord of the Tigrè region. During WW1 Ethiopia was neutral and don't have partecipated at the conflict. In 1918 it was elected Haile Selassie I as Negus of Ethiopia, he have make many reforms between the years 20-30 for westernize and modernize the country. Also it have visited many European countries like Italy in 1924, with the incident of Ual Ual the Italy have find the casus belli for attack Ethiopia. After a year of fighting the Italian enter at Addis Abeba and the Impero Fascista was founded by Benito Mussolini and Vittorio Emanuele III, during the time of colonization of Ethiopia many Italian colonies arrive in A.O.I. for runned companys, farms and others. It was also modernize the main cities of Ethiopia and it was started a plan for modernize Addis Abeba. But this project fall in 1941, when the Negus Haile Selassie I return in Addis Abeba, several Italian will continue at make guerrilla warfare until the 8 Septhember of 1943. In 1945 Ethiopia was a founder of the ONU and it become to be an allied of Europe and US, also the Armed Forces was modernize with modern weapons and veicles.

Great Nuclear War

Ethiopia during the Third War World wasn't hitted by any nukes, but the nuclear war have effects on the Empire, after some day Haile Selassie have reunited the government and the Parliament for decide what do now.

Selassie Halie

The emperor Haile Selassie during a speech in the Parliament.

The Emperor also have make a speech for be united and for cooperate in this dark times :

"My dear parliamentaries, member of the government, Ethiopians and the other human of the world. We know what have cause this; the madness of the human race and his stupidity, with the Crisis of Cuba this stupidity have superated every my aspectative! We need stay together and survive for don't fall info anarchy! We need also respected who arrive in Ethiopia in seach of help, like god have say help the next we need do also! God is with us and with the Empire! May God protect our country and all the humans!"

With this speech the popularity of Haile Selassie grown, but he have see good on the refugees, the 10th December of the 1962 50,000 British, Italian and Somali arrive in the Ethiopia for seach protect, after the fall of Somalia info anarchy and the started of a civil war many citizens of Somalia arrive in Ethiopia, also a delegation of the Empire speack with the French general-governator of the French Somalia for cooperate. And it declare until a new French Government will be arrive the Ethiopia will previde for the security of the colony, in cooperation with the French Army and the Gendarmerie force stantionated there.

The various governments have make many reforms for survive well, for example abolited of sedformer, the increase of the Armed Forces and various expeditions in Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and other nations.

In 1963 after the reach of Nairobi by a patrol of the Imperial Army it was discover the country under the rule of the British general-governor, the Ethiopians have started relations with Kenya after this.

In 1964 a ham radio of the Ethiopian Army have reach a request of help by the Swedish Army in Congo. Now in a massive civil war and also again the Pacekeeper forces of the United Nations. Two divisions and one Battalion of the Ethiopian Imperial Army in addition of a Company of the French Foreign Legion and a division of the British Army reach the Congo for help the pacekeeper forces and the foreign citizens of exit by Congo. After 2 weeks of marching the convoy reach the last UN outpost, in the city of Goma. The city was full of European refugees and troops of the pacekeeper forces and the Ethiopians troops of the pacekeeper forces. After some heavily fighting with the Mercenaries of the Republic of Congo the UN troops, the European refugees and some African priest and refugees left the Congo for arrive in Ethiopia. The convoy was accolted by the Emperor and the commander of the pacekeeper forces was hosted in the palace of the Emperor. Also the Emperor Haile Selassie I have make a speech in the Parliament about the UN troops, about their bravery and heroism.

After some weeks many UN troops and European citizens asked at their respectively ambassy for return at home, the French go in the French Somalia as a colonial rapresent of the French Government and the UK, Commonwealth troops and citizens go in Kenya as a safe british colony. With some preparations, many of that arrive in Europe with boats after have overpassed the Suez channel, now occupited by Egyptian troops. Many british citizens of the naval convoy arrive in Malta, all the Italians in the convoy arrive in Sicily and from there they returning at their respective homes. The other europeans will have returned at their countries, such as Yugoslavia or Ireland.

In 1971 the Italian government, in seach of the Italians of the Horn of Africa and also new colony reach the port of Asmara. Haile Selassie was informed and the officials of the "Ape", a Italian corvette was bringed in the capital for speack with the Emperor about the situation of the Italians, they have knowing the Italians are treating good and they have reserved position in various economical sectors.

After this the Ethiopian Empire have re-established relations with the Italian government and also with the other Italian states, exept with the Neapolitan Republic.

The Emperor Haile Selassie in the 197 it have make a official trip in the Italian Republic for visit the republic, it have make visited at also the other governments in Italy, it have visited Palermo, Cagliari, Perugia, Florence and of course Turin. The relations between the various government was good, and also some treaty was write and the Emperor it have make a private discussion with the Pope about the situation in Africa.  

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