The Ethiopian Communist Coup was a failed Soviet-backed coup in Ethiopia in the Autumn of 1974. The Ethiopians managed to destroy the backed supporters in the capital, Addis Abeba.

Beginning of the Coup

On October 13th, 1973, the Soviets began funding a coup in the capital of the Ethiopian nation. This was put forward by Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet leader (1964-1982). This began to be put forward by the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, as early as 1969.

The Coup

The - what is considered a failed - Coup began on May 14, 1974. At 07:40, the forces of the Coup moved into the city of Addis Abeba undercover as civilian traders trading in Isel Markets, a trading center just two km from the Imperial Palace.

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