የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ
Ethiopian Empire
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Ethiopia Coat of arms of Kenya
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Ethiopia (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Orange
(and largest city)
Addis Ababa
Language Amharic, Swahili
Religion Native African religions, Hinduism
Government Federal parliamentary republic
President Birtukan Mideksa
Currency Ethiopian birr

Ethiopia is a nation in Africa.


Over time, the Ethiopian Empire managed to grew in size to gain much land. During colonial times, it fought off the Italians with success and during both World Wars and the help of India, the Ethiopians managed to push the Italians out of Sudan area. After the Second World War, Ethiopia annexed Sudan.

Despite Ethiopia remaining a Major Power in Africa, it has trouble with the Somali rebels and the Somalia Independence Movement, and also Northern Sudan. Ethiopia also has some tensions with Saudi Arabia due to them attempting to help Somalia rebels.

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