Ethiopia is a East african nation in Principia Moderni. It is a member of theUnited African Allies. The current Emperor is Emperor Menigstu.

Urban Areas

The Second-Largest Ctiy (and capitol) of Ethiopia is Gondar. It is a spread-out medieval town, filled with many castles and Eastern Orthodox churches. The former capitol of Axum is also a major urban area. The City of Ganananora is the capitol of the Union of African Allies.

Principia Moderni Ethiopia

Ethiopia in the Principia Moderni Map Game, as of 1725.


Official Religion: None. Tolerance toward all faiths is applied.

Official Language: Ge'ez Ethiopic and Greek are used in official matters and religious services. Amharic Ethiopic is used by the masses.

Emperor Bakaffa tried to make a European language, such as Italian or Russian the language of the growing academic community in Ethiopia. Eventually, French and Italian started being used by the Ethiopian Elite

List of Rulers (Since the 18th Century)

Ethiopian Emperors are called 'King of Kings' in their own language.

Ethiopian Collapse


Restored Solomic Dynasty

Emperor Bakaffa 1720-1730

Emperor Iyasu 1730-1751

Emperor Iyoas 1751-1753

Reign of Terror

Emperor Giyorgis 1754-1755

Union of African Allies

Emperor Mengistu 1755-


Chief Export: Coffee

Major Exports: Khat, Gold, Leather, Livestock, Ivory, lumber

Trading Partners: Etihopia currently trades with Naples


1724-1726 First Ethiopian-Sennari War(Ethiopian Victory)

1730-1733 First Ethiopian-Adal War(Ethiopian Victory)

1738-1740 Second Ethiopian-Sennari War(Ethiopian Victory)

1747 Schmittist Rebellion (Government Victory)

1748-1754 Ethiopian Revolution (Revolutionary Victory)

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