In this Alternate History, the reader will be exploring what the world would be like if the great and powerful civilizations and empires of old survived. Because of this, the empires would fight against each other to become the greatest, and in doing so, become Eternal Rivals.


There are multiple PODs in this timeline, all of which have an important impact on the history of the world.

  • c. 1200 - 1000 B.C.: The Great Survival - Desparate to escape from the invading Sea Peoples, multiple groups of Minoans in Eastern Crete flee to the mountain settlement of Karfi, removing themselves from the outside world. In OTL Pakistan, the few remaining Indus Valley cities banded together to combat changing climate, depopulation, and hostile tribes. In Greece, the city-states of Athens, Mycenae, Thebes, and Sparta agree to work together to defeat the Dorians who ravaged Thessaly and Epirus.
  • 616 B.C. - The Fourth King of Rome, Ancus Marcius, has a son old enough to succeed him instead of Lucius Tarquinius Priscus.
  • 560 B.C. - The King of Babylon, Amel-Marduk, succesfully survives a murder attempt by his brother-in-law, perpetuating the Nebuchadnezzar Dynasty and leading to a number of liberal reforms.
  • 550 B.C. - The army of Astyages, King of the Medean Empire, does not betray him to Cyrus of Persia at the battle of Pasargadae.
  • 308 B.C. - The King of Carthage, Bomilcar, swallows his pride and does not attempt a coup against the Carthaginian Council, resulting in the first Constitutional Monarchy.
  • There may be more PODs that I might have forgotten, so please wait if I did.

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